Philly Triathlon- 4th place

28 Jun

This past weekend was the philly triathlon. This is one of the coolest race courses on the circuit. The swim is a point to point, the bike is a hilly 2 lap course right through the most beautiful parts of philly and the run is an easy, flat double loop that is mostly shaded…amazing!

I was happy with my race and effort. I defiantely need to perk up my swimming a bit though. I was about 40 seconds further down than I usually am (the lead girls got to draft off the men because we started together and that front pack cut the last buoy- bummer for me who stopped and redirected myself around that last buoy =( ) Starting a little further back after the swim was tough on this course because it is so turny and hilly that you can’t see anyone up the road. Nonetheless, I had a similar bike in terms of watts to last week – which means I was hammering the bike- and my run was better than last week I thought. The run was cool under the shade and temps were in the 70s- perfect for a fast day. The top 3 women broke the course record so it was evident that conditions were perfect. All in all a good day putting me second in the series now- I am definitely consistent if nothing else! My coach and I have some new things to try for swimming and time to go back and work on that now… There is always something to work on when you are doing 3 sports. Next race I will have Wes there too- which always seems to be a lucky charm for me!!

At the end of the day, I would highly recommend this race because of the unique and beautiful course, especially if you like hills!

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