The Hy-vee Triathlon

14 Sep

Well, as far as a race report, I don’t have too much to say. I woke up Wed before the race with the flu and just got over it a few days ago (10+ days) so my race was definitely not what I expected. I was very disappointed about the bad timing of getting sick but I was actually proud of myself for even doing as well as I did considering how I felt and I didn’t feel like I gave up mentally even though my body was not cooperating. I finished 20th out of 30- at least 10 spots back from where I expected to be on a regular day- but these things happen and all in all I was happy with my mental toughness to get through the race. Next time my luck will be different and my preparation will show itself. (I flatted in New York 3 weeks ago after having my best start out of the water by far- so I am now due for some good luck!!)

What I do what to talk about it how much Hy-vee is doing for our sport. The event was unbelievable. I couldn’t have imagined a more spectacular production in my wildest dreams- they had fireworks at the start and end, the gin blossoms played a concert for the event, there was great TV coverage of the event- it was just unbelievable. I was so happy just to stand on that pontoon with the entire city of Des Moines there to support us- I didn’t even care that I was sick – I was just so happy to be there and have that experience. The money that Hy-vee provides for the pros is an awesome display of how supportive they are of our sport- they are actually changing pros lives for the entire year or more- making it so we don’t have to work side jobs and can focus on training. That event is single handedly changing the lives of the 30 people there- it is really an amazing thing that one race can support our careers and our sport so incredibly well. I am very grateful to Hy-vee, the people of DesMoines and the incredible volunteers. I can’t imagine that there is anything close to this in the world- maybe Kona is as spectacular but even that is quite hard to imagine. THANK YOU HY-VEE!! I cannot wait to be back next year, 100% healthy and ready to enjoy the entire event!! Thank you!!

One Response to “The Hy-vee Triathlon”

  1. Kate McDowell (@double0kate) September 14, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Hi Nicole,

    I loved watching the Hy-Vee and enjoyed seeing you race – you probably don’t remember but we met once in the AFC locker room before a cville tri swim practice. I remember being more than a little awestruck 😛 It’s really been inspiring to follow you as you make your way in the world of pro triathletes.

    Thanks for doing Cville proud in Des Moines!


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